Fine Art  by Joe Charman... -                                   

My love of Celtic and Eastern art led me to the Mandala.

A mandala is an ancient form of art, falling under the category of “Sacred Geometry”. They are traditionally created for use in meditation, for returning the mind to equilibrium. Radiating outward from a central point, we are reminded by the Mandala that all things project their uniquely beautiful expression, eternally from their core.

I created these works of art by hand, using pencil, a large drawing compass and paint.
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" The Union of Our Souls "

" Celtic Courage Mandala "
30 x 30 inch Acrylic on Canvas

"  Yin Yang Four Seasons Mandala "
30 x 30 inch Acrylic on Canvas

" Potentia "
36 x 36 inch Acrylic on Canvas

" Eternal Rainbow Flower "
30 x 30 inch Acrylic on Canvas

" Flower of Peace Mandala"
30 x 30 inch Acrylic on Canvas

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