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"Life Isn't About Waiting For The storm To Pass, It's About Learning To Dance In The Rain"

The wind howls at your windows, the rain lashes at your door. As you curse the weather and tightly draw those heavy drapes to the world outside, you feel sure today must be another day spent indoors.

No! No! The kids outside... they know best! Chuckling and indifferent, joyful and free, the message of their timeless innocence surely teaches us all that we need to know.
Like cold water, life is best when you jump right in!
Un-batten the hatches to your rainy heart, open up your windows to the world outside your door.
Can you not remember how good it feels? Let the breeze in! Set your soul free! Do you not recall that sweet, sweet taste of liberty? You see, it isn't so unfamiliar after all!
Ask yourself -as you peer though your closed window- is it not your own reflection that you see? The happy child splashing in the puddles. Yes! You were that child. You are that child. And you will forever be that child. Your greatest teacher, your wisest friend, mirrored back to you from behind the fragile veil of transparency.
We've had it back to front all this time! Let's learn from them! Let's do as the children do! Let's just be! Do it now! Say it now “If I want to be free, I've go to be me!”
Laugh, run, skip, dance, twist and turn. As though no-one was watching. What else is there to do?! Just do it! Do it now! For no good reason!
They surely know, as do we...there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way!
Does their laughter not sing this song?
“Wretched rain!” you say once more. “No rain, no rainbows!” declares their multi-coloured, boot-squelching, two-footed, puddle-stomping message to the world!
Why fret? Why curse? We know these storm clouds are but temporal veils to the brightest sunshine that was always there. As it always will be. 'Til that final scintilla of light sends it's happy soul to the next place, at some far-off, distant time.
Let not those threatening skies weaken our resolve. Let's go outside! Are you still standing at the window?! Rush outward! Soar, and feel the joy of wind and rain on your face once more.
Kites fly highest against the wind.
There are only so many todays. Only so many tomorrows. Countless yesterdays.
Go! Go! Greet this happy day and laugh as you sing in the breeze..
“The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees!”
Fling open those windows! Welcome in the rain! Silence those grumbles and shake off your pain.
Say it ten times, then say it again!

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain”.

By Joe Charman.

A framed, 14 x 11 inch signed, limited edition print of this piece of writing, with inset image is available for £60

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ffgfdgdf on 31 May 2017 06:31
Reply to comment review on 31 May 2017 06:35
The life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain,keep sharing with joecharman blog. I am getting a lot of better and interesting timeless innocence,when you jump right in.
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