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"A Ship in The Harbour is Safe, But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For"

Rise and shine. Breathe and smile. Greet this momentous day with outstretched arms. Shake off the troubles of your sorry yesterday. They can do you no harm. Yesterdays are history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, whichis why we call it “the present”. So unwrap your gift with the keen wonder of a child on Christmas morning. Take this gift. Love it, celebrate it. Share it with everyone like a smile on a grinning face. Open your heart. Open your mind. Like parachutes, minds work best when open. Open to the possibility that each new contains the seed to your very greatest potential. Each encounter, each stranger, each smile exchanged may just hold the key to your most life-changing opportunity. And if opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door. Your greatest gift lies behind that door...the door named fear. Open that door and walk through it. Your way begins on the other side. Draw a line in the sand and never step back. This is your day, your moment, your dream, your destiny. Today is your blank canvas. So go create! Shed your skin, spread your wings, emerge and fly high from your safe haven. Each moment of your life has brought you to this place where you now stand. So what are you going to do with it? What will you become? Who are you going to love? What are you waiting for? If not now, when? The edge of your moment is here. Face the sunshine and let the shadows of doubt fall way behind you. Jump and the net will appear. You know you cannot discover new oceans unless you find the courage to lose sight of the shore. So cast off your bowlines. Catch the wind in your sails. Dream. Discover. Explore.

Say it once, then say it once more...

A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”

By Joe Charman

A framed, 14 x 11 inch signed, limited edition print of this piece of writing, with inset image is available for £60

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Anonymous on 22 February 2017 05:33
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buycheap essey on 22 July 2017 12:26
A ship in the harbour is safe,but that is not what ships are built for smile on a grinning face. This joecharman blog has been giving us about today is your blank canvas,sunshine and let the shadows of doubt fall way behind you.
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Lucas Beggs on 08 August 2017 20:16
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Lipozene Review on 25 August 2017 12:07
A ship in the harbor has been safe and protected but of no use for the shipment. The value of the ship has been only in the changes and productivity for the people. The sales of the ship have been conducted by the humans in various dynamic consequences for the candidates.
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Academic Writing Help on 25 October 2017 14:47
Great blog written by Joseph Charman because your selection of words is quite impressive and i really love your writing idea. You convey your message in a very easy way.
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