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I've seen a painting that I love but it's sold, what can I do?!!

If you would like to own an original painting similar to one which is sold, it would be Joe's pleasure to use this as a starting point for a new piece, personalised for you. In this way he will capture the essence of the painting you love, but will incorporate a fresh and original twist. He always invites your input regarding any aspect of the painting, for example colour or considerations for personalising your painting. See his "Commissioning A Painting" page if you'd like a more in-depth explanation.


Since every painting he creates is entirely original, paintings are often individually priced. Many considerations are factored into pricing. For example, a smaller, more detailed piece may take him significantly longer to paint than a larger, less detailed piece. Equally, an oil painting is generally more costly in terms of my material costs than an acrylic painting. The process of oil painting, for example is generally more time consuming than the process of acrylic painting. Furthermore, some specific canvas sizes are more expensive than the more standard size canvases. Please just send an email or call Joe and he'll gladly give you the pricing options which are relevant to the piece you are interested in owning.

I've seen a painting I love, but it's not the right size...what can I do?

Any painting can be recreated at the size you require. Fortunately most canvas sizes can be obtained these days, from very small to very large. For very specific sizes/dimensions it may be necessary for Joe to order a tailor-made canvas at the precise measurements. Ultimately, let him know the size of the painting and he'll give a quotation based on that size. The sizes he most commonly paints are shown in the paintings on his website. If you'd like a really large painting, perhaps consider a mural.

Oils or Acrylics?

Joe loves to use both oils and acrylics - each having unique benefits and qualities. Paintings completed in oils often seem to contain an essence of the older-style paintings, perhaps a subtle sense of nostalgia to them. Acrylics can be used to obtain some absolutely magical effects, and often result in a more contemporary feel. Whether Oils or Acrylics, Joe always mixes high gloss mediums with his paints to ensure each painting feels rich, vivid and alive. Many of those who own his paintings remark on how much movement and energy they capture. His oil paintings are usually around 20% higher in cost.

How long will my painting last for?

When purchasing one of Joe's paintings, you will be the owner of a painting for life. He uses within the creation of all of his paintings only the highest quality paints and mediums, which provide the richest , most "alive" finish and lasting durability. He varnishes all of his paintings with UV resistant varnish to ensure a lifetime of vibrancy without fading.

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