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Commissioning A Painting

Ultimately, any painting or work of art on this website which is sold can be re-created at any size you require, so that you too can own a piece which contains the essence of the painting you like, recreated into a new painting with an original twist. 

Or perhaps you have an idea for a painting in mind and like the thought of turning that idea into a work of art for your home. Please just get in touch to discuss your ideas.

 If you can describe your idea - Joe can paint it. The more information you and Joe can generate between you to build a picture of what you have in mind, the more vividly he can hone in on what you envisage. We'll gather high quality images or photographs for the best result.
His highest aim in life is the fulfilment of creative potential - his passion is to pass that on - by creating for you a unique and original painting which will last a lifetime and is the truest reflection of you.

Decide which medium you'd like me to use for the painting - Oils, Acrylic, Charcoal or any you'd prefer, choose the size of canvas and let him know your idea!

Joe have never rejected an idea for a commission! 

He's undertaken work ranging in sizes all the way up to 40metres x 3metres  for a mural painting.

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